Sunday, 6 September 2015

So I have this book coming out next year...

So, there's something rather exciting when you've written a book. Exciting and nerve-wracking.

Is it any good? Will anyone like it, apart form my mum?

Oh why did I give up the day job?

And then you get (out of the blue!) someone like Rick Riordan (actually, not some like him, but actually him!) dropping you an email saying how much he loved it!

Wow. You don't get many moments like that in your life.

So, what's SHADOW MAGIC about?

Plenty, but mainly about an outlaw boy, Thorn, and the darkest princess you'd ever hope to meet this side of the grave. It's a story about when the bad guys are the heroes and the good guys... well, not what you expect.

It'll be out April next year but if you love high, epic fantasy and are a fan of all things gothic and magical, then maybe this might be the book for you.

After all, Rick seems to like it...

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